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Mini Project suggestions after Python basics

I have basic knowledge about programming in Python, c,cpp . I like to have some ideas for doing simple mini projects using them. If not possible to make one, some suggestion of some codes, tutorials of implementation, so that I can later make a mini project by going through it.

4/23/2018 6:24:08 PM

Thulasi Ram N

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My first "project" was a simple database manager - it took user input and allowed for adding, editing, reading and deleting records in a database. Later on, I added an ability to save to and load from a file. Next I made it export to .csv and later on - to .xls. What I'm saying is you can start easily and wander off pretty quickly, using freshly acquired knowledge and combining abilities from different fields. If you are looking for an inspiration, check out my coding bio:


Here is a post on python mini projects you should try right now.


switch to Google!


I made an movement detection bot, web automation project, password generator with tkinter and my current project is a chat software