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Unity Sprite Slice

I have downloaded a sprite sheet from the web, but I cannot slice it. I have tried searching google, but so far have found nothing of relevance. Here’s what I’ve done so far: I take the sprite sheet into Unity by dragging it in. I change it from Single, to Multiple. I apply changes, and click “sprite editor”. I then click slice, and have it set on automatic. Next, I apply changes. This works on most of my sprite sheets, but there are a select few that don’t work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

4/23/2018 12:14:05 AM


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That’s because automatic looks for a set boundary. It will not always be able to find. You must go and manually slice it.


If you can't figure out how to slice them up in the editor, you could always open the spritesheet with some kind of image editor like gimp and manually seperate each sprite into it's own image.


Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but cell by grid size does not work. It is never the same size, and though it may cover one of the sprites correctly, it won’t cover the others without overlapping.


Jayden LeCorps, that’s my problem. These sprites can’t be sliced by grid size, because these are not the same size. I downloaded a few Godzilla ones, that I can use for a great game, but the sheet has small parts, like the atomic breath, and then large parts, like Godzilla.