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Programming languages for electrical engineers

hopefully next year, I'll be accepted Into the Electrical Engineering program. as far as I know, we will learn C and Python. I don't know if we will have courses in other languages. so my question is: what other languages should i know/ is practical to know? i suppose the programming i will do will be hardware-oriented, and not so much software (but a Little of Course) . if you're a Electrical Engineer : what languages did you get to learn? which Language do you find Most functional for the given purpose?

12/9/2016 5:39:45 PM

Emelie hammarström

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c++, c, python and Assembler are the languages i know


Electrical engineering. sure I can speak on that. Actually expect little to no programming. Sorry but true. Think of it this way. Electricity is a continuous thing, that's why you don't get shocked for moment and then it stops. As long as you are connected to the source electricity/electrons keep flowing, much like all things continous, volumes, distances, objects, sequences, they are modelled by calculus and other forms of continuous mathematics. Computer science on it's on part is based on/upon discrete mathematics. Things that are not infinite let's say. So except you want to self learn a programming language or... It'll be of no use to you in the near future concerning your career choice to learn any programming language other than Mat lab.


thank you for your answer JENN. in sweden , both electric and electrical engineering is called The same thing, and therefore i believe programming Will be important to me. thus, I'll be learning both fields. sorry i didn't explain that right away since I know The rest of The world makes a distinction between The two fields. we Will learn how electricity is a source of energy AND how it works as a Carrier of information (signals). embedded signals is one of The courses. Sorry i didn't explain it beforehand.


thanks mate, then I know what I'll be up to the next few months ;)