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Help, please :)

I know a bit of C and having interest in Web development. Any suggestions? please. ( I don't know anything about web development )

4/22/2018 5:48:55 PM


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Base Knowledge: HTML (HTML 4.2 now, but HTML 5 will become standard in another year or so, you can code it now if you like. XHTML is only for use with XML based languages like MathML) CSS (CSS3 I guess) XML (This more a data structure than an actual language, but can be useful in web sites) Scripting Languages: JavaScript (most common) Action Script (if you get into Flash) VBScript (Old fashioned) *Soft Web Programming Languages: (Simple Web Sites) PHP (most common) Perl Python (more rare) VisualBasic (Old fashioned) *Hard Programming Languages: (Industrial/Corporate/Commercial web sites) Java C# Technologies: Classic ASP (a structure, not a language. Generally Visual Basic. Not recommended) .NET (Modern ASP & can be used with the above languages, aka, C# being the current industry standard) Ruby on Rails (becoming more popular) Flash Builder (The program formerly known as Prince Flex. Flash based technology) 'CMS' Content Management System (You need to understand what they do and how they help you and the customer, includes Drupal & WordPress as examples) SOURCE:


You can try to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At the same time, you can go for PHP to create dynamic webpage. As you have experience in programming, it is very easy for you because the syntaxes may look familiar to you.


Start with the HTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript courses in this app. After that: try to make some simple websites and when your expierence grows, so will grow the complexity of the websites you make. In the end you will be able to combine your back-end (in C) and front-end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) knowledge to create an enterprise application. (And you can develop yourself in the different front-end frameworks, like bootstrap, AngularJS, Jquery et cetera)


you should start with html, CSS, PHP