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I'm trying to export from excel to database... However during the data validate, I have this code Form2.< button4_Click > o__SiteContainer0.<> p__Site3b == null) { } Can someone interprete this code for me, and why is the <> underlined as error... Thanks

4/20/2018 7:51:04 AM

kukogho gabriel

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Here is the complete code.... Note the form name is Assessment ? Apr 19 2018 10:13 AM if (Assessments.< button4_Click > o__SiteContainer0.<> p__Site3b == null) { Type type8 = typeof(Assessments); cSharpArgumentInfoArray = new CSharpArgumentInfo[] { CSharpArgumentInfo.Create(CSharpArgumentInfoFlags.None, null), CSharpArgumentInfo.Create(CSharpArgumentInfoFlags.None, null) }; Assessments.< button4_Click > o__SiteContainer0.<> p__Site3b = CallSite<Func<CallSite, object, object, object>>.Create(Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.Binder.BinaryOperation(CSharpBinderFlags.BinaryOperationLogical, ExpressionType.And, type8, cSharpArgumentInfoArray)); } !0 target20 = Assessments.< button4_Click > o__SiteContainer0.<> p__Site3b.Target; CallSite<Func<CallSite, object, object, object>> u003cu003ep_Site3b = Assessments.< button4_Click > o__SiteContainer0.<> p__Site3b; object obj17 = target;


I have the feeling this is not the complete code <button4_Click> Can be a generic type like <int> but I would not expect button4_Click to be generic o__SiteContainer0.<> Can be "not equal to" although I think in c# this would be the operator "!=" Although I think only Delphi and Sql use "<>" as not equal to. I also do not understand why the is a point betwee SiteConainer0 and <> The line has to less information to help you This this a method definition or method call ?


The button click event is to validate excel file Content and upload it to database, it also creates array of error for incorrect excel file entry


Thank you for the code. Sorry to say but I do not understand it. Assessments.< button4_Click > //this does not look like valid c# o__SiteContainer0.<> //this does not like valid c# to me !0 target20 = //I do not know a variable type !0 If anyone recognizes the code or can explain waht is happening, i like to know.