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What should I learn XHTML or HTML 5?

Is it enough to learn html 5 tags or should I also practice XHTML tags especially those ugly meta tags?

4/19/2018 11:03:35 AM


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focus on html5


html 5 its useful its popular its good


xhtml good for IE



XHTML come before HTML5, and most browser support HTML5.


Learn Html5 first and master it with that you will get more knowledge to do the X html


html 5 i guess :/


HTML 5 <3


Priya I didn't say to use XHTML, I just say HTML5 is newest and supported on all newer browser.



HTML5 is very useful to start codding , Otherwise it's popular and modern version than XHTML


Html 5 is new modern html version


Go for html5 Do xhtml after html5


Go for HTML5... it's a modern version of XHTML and it follows the w3c standards ...this means that every browser is evolving for/with HTML5