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<hr /> <hr /> <hr> are exactly the same tags and I do not understand why tp is not clarified?


17th Apr 2018, 1:21 AM
Vučko/Вучко/Vuchko - avatar
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i think they similar :)
17th Apr 2018, 2:22 AM
Lee See Raa
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And for asking me what is not clear to me - it's not clear why the same term is written in many ways. In my primary language, one term is written the same, and the same is pronounced. Well, it's not clear to me. Тhanks for the answers!
17th Apr 2018, 10:07 AM
Vučko/Вучко/Vuchko - avatar
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"tp" is Lapsus calami :)
17th Apr 2018, 10:06 AM
Vučko/Вучко/Vuchko - avatar
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https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_hr.asp In HTML, the <hr> tag has no end tag. In XHTML, the <hr> tag must be properly closed, like this: <hr />.
17th Apr 2018, 3:49 AM
Monkey D. Luffy
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In html <hr > does not have a closing tag but when it is written as such, it will still work properly. But in XHTML, the <hr> should be closed.
17th Apr 2018, 8:25 AM
Israel Debrah
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I don't understand your question 1) What is tp? 2) What do you mean by "not clarified"? Just for humour though, tp reminded me of a bizarre clip from Beavis and Butthead! (an old cartoon) https://youtu.be/LHv2dIM3t9I
17th Apr 2018, 1:58 AM