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Hi I am actually a student and I love web development but I wan't to learn also Java and C++ in College.What should I do?Should I choose my path towards web design and development or simply achieve a Computer Science degree first and then specialize?(student)

4/15/2018 4:19:13 PM

Gurpreet Singh Virdi

2 Answers

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Depends on what u want to do, having a CS degree is good but it will not necessarily make you a good *developer* to be one you need tons of experience, so rather than wait till u graduate, u can start to gain such experience by taking on projects. If web development is your goal focus on HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP but if your goal is Mobile development consider Java, Kotlin or Swift


I recommend taking your CS degree. You can learn a lot more in college than programming. Plus, you can get promoted to better positions, whereas employees without a degree can't.