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Software testing

Can anyone tell me about Software testing?

4/15/2018 2:37:00 PM

Md Tabish

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You can find general information about it on Wikipedia. If you have any specific questions just ask them here.


I'm started learning Software Testing. It's good. Thanks buddies.


I'm learning php and want to learn software testing. Is it a right decision?




yes you can test that using xampp server in your pc


It's good. Learn java it is also important for automation testing.


and if you know about phpmyadmin.


You could start with learning the principles of testing then ISTQB certifie


When a software application is created it needs to be tested to ensure that both the functional specification i.e. the functional requirements as well as the non-functional requirements i.e. requirements like performance, usability, security, etc are met. This testing can be performed manually and using the automation testing tools also. Testing when performed manually is called Manual Testing, which we will be studying in this tutorial. Whereas, testing performed using an automated tool is known as automation testing. if you are interested to learn software testing for free you can check


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