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Why should I embrace coding? Your thoughts are appreciated

Hi SoloLearner Community, I would like to become a part of this community and would like your thoughts towards my onboarding. I am very interested in "coding" and my drive comes from general curiosity and the potential benefits learning code has to offer in the workplace. I would like you to share some advise towards why I should commit myself to learning how to code (your motivations. I "learned" python and matlab years ago as a part of my engineering degree but otherwiset I am a beginner. Ty, Kyle

4/14/2018 11:28:07 AM

Kyle Czernuszka

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Okay thank you Xan for your response :) Lets see: I love problem solving. Especially logical problems .. I was one of those kids who LOVED (loves) math. Ive also worked in a few large tech companies such as Msft (as management) but realized how understanding the tech/coding lingo is so important. This is my first step towards becoming more code-syntax-savy!! I also think its fun! I have enjoyed the Java modules so far. Kyle


I don't think I can answer why YOU should embrace coding, but I can talk about some of the positives that have got me back into programming again recently: 1) I enjoy the fact that programming is like solving fun mathematical / logical puzzle 2) I enjoy teaching / tutoring (and I'd like to do more programming tutoring) 3) I enjoy the community on here (mostly) You should try to find you own motivations though. What are your motivations? :-)