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Is Physics Important in Coding?

12/7/2016 6:56:46 PM

Anoop Kumar Prasad

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Kinda, if you want to develop games it is, Maths and Physics


yup physics are useful in the area, if you want to create software that physics are involved, you can create some apps like: *Educational apps for childrens, teens or adults. that's a big world. *Apps that explains the human psysics. *Apps that treat with physics test, to evaluate online a person and depending on the result you can give him/her a message. And so on


It totally depends on the aspect of coding you wish to deal in. It could be in designing gaming engines, projectile paths and trajectories then it would be heavily necessary. Apart from the beauty of physics, it's not entirely relevant to mainstream programming.


Yes, it is important as In the games like Flappy birds or others they use the gravity sense for the fall of the bird.