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Are there any better alternatives for Notepad++?

if is not, what kind of plugins can I use to improve it ?

4/11/2018 11:26:02 PM

Daniel Silva

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Carson, any editor is fast enough if you learn to handle it. Vim offers you many possibilities, and there are even some things I use that I personally like a lot, but any text editor can do the same thing as Vim (at least on a modern computer). And possibly they do it faster, since keyboard shortcuts are much more accessible (or common, since most use the same shortcuts as almost any Windows application). If you miss the shortcuts of Vim, you can also use them in other editors (even Firefox had an extension that enabled them to navigate). Personally I like Sublime Text and VS Code. I have used Atom and although for a while I liked it, its start time was slow with my configuration (which does not happen to me at the moment). I also use Brackets for a while, but I left it because I felt very slow when I started (perhaps it was influential that I tried the editor as soon as it came out, although in general the applications made with web technologies always give me the impression of being slow)


There is a lot. My favorite is Sublime 3. You can check Atom also.


Atom if you want nice git integration, Vim if you want a minimal high speed editor, and emacs if you want to assemble your own personal IDE


Xan vim is high speed when you learn the keybindings. You can edit text much faster in vim than you can with other editors just because of the bindings. Also vim can be installed on virtually every machine so once you learn it you'll never need another editor.


YES! I’m glad you asked. Notepad++ sucks (no offense) I HATE IT. Use either sublime text 2 or sublime text 3 since they both have so many languages to offer. And they are very efficient. They are just amazing. You can download the free version and not have to pay for it!!


I agree with other posters. Sublime Text is amazing. I tried almost all editors at one stage, and this was by far the best. carson briggs Vim... high speed!? Yes, but in 2018, with the speed of modern devices, ALL editors are high speed. No?


Sublime Text is cross-platform. Vim is outdated. ST has hot keys too. Why bother learning something like Vim, with an awful user interface?