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Dark Theme or Light Theme on IDEs/Text Editors?

What is your preference? And why?

4/11/2018 9:49:16 PM


5 Answers

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Yeah,I use dark theme,day or night.day theme burns my eyes🔥


Dark theme it is also for me. I'm really happy to see that the general trend is going in that direction (again). When I started using commuters it was green text on black background. Monochrome displays and no other option. The intermediate phase when white background has been more or less enforced was a medium nightmare for my eyes...


Dark themes for the same reasons. easier on the eyes c:


I think most will tell you that they prefer dark color schemes. And basically it's because of the contrast, plus it's usually less stressful for the eyes. Of course, this is subjective, and there will be people who tell you that light colors are less stressful for them. And maybe they are right, especially if the lighting of the places where they are is quite high, in those cases the monitor does not feel like something that burns your eyes because of the amount of brightness that a white background can generate.


Dark theme all the way! I feel it makes the code more colorful and makes it easier to look at the screen longer.