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Can i mention sololearn in my professional résumé.

I am a Btech student at Kerala Technological University, i can get grade points for MOOC ( online courses). Can I mention sololearn certifications in my CV.

4/11/2018 4:06:14 PM

Shimin Mathew

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Honestly, you can mention anything you wish to mention on your resume. It'll be up to the employer/interviewer to determine whether or not that means anything to them or not. Is it an officially recognized cert? No. Is it still something that represents an achievement you've made? Sure. You need to be in a position that you can easily explain/prove the things that you know and are capable of. Your actual abilities and experience will mean a lot more than a piece of paper pretending to represent you or your skills. Focus on communication as well and it'll take you a long way. Since they're humans also, you can talk yourself in and out of more situations than your skills ever will, so take advantage of that system and use it to your advantage. Talk yourself into the position. As a side note, I highly recommend that you work on a portfolio and rely heavily upon showcasing what you're capable of, and then being able to equally explain any question you may be asked about your code/programs.


Thank you guys you were really helpful iam putting sololearn in my CV 💪💪


These are too basic, and nobody outside of sololearn knows the reputation of it. I would not do it, but that's only my opinion.


I think you could include it. not for the academic content, but to demonstrate the interest, commitment and dedication to programming. I would include it in a section where you develop your personal skills. Not the professionals.