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Artificial Intelligence , is a self-learning machine, isn't?

hello , guys . i had bit confused about AI , there are many probability equation , algoritm optimization , theory about decision making. in other word , are AI just design math equiation and convert it to program ? tq

4/11/2018 1:29:36 AM

Elgan Poiska

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A self-learning machine is a form of AI. AI is just giving the computer a brain, often using math equations and is modeled after the human thought process.


Hi Elgan Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella term given to the science of Machine Learning (ML). Much of this is to understand how the human brain works and to try and model this using computers. You will see various branches of this science : -Deep Learning (DL): Using large sample sets of data to make predictions on that data -Reinforcement Learning (RL): Train a computer through a system of rewards such that it can start to make the correct decision. There is much excitement around RL at the moment as this is making great strides especially related to game playing which lends itself to a system of rewards, a bit like Sololearn XP's ;-). You will hear a lot of the "Atari Model" as the first RL algorithms learnt how to play the game Breakout, which was made by Atari.