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[CHALLENGE] The forgotten holiday

We (or at least I did) forgot 4 April!! 404! error 404 day not found!! No challenges or mentions on here!! Post your cool 404 pages here. Due until the next holiday 20 April.

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Awesome challenge, I needed an error page as well was procrastinating, thank you for a reason to start , 4 April I didn't knew about it, but I m glad I do now 😅, 👍 https://code.sololearn.com/W0v6sOTgl3jN/?ref=app


here is mine https://code.sololearn.com/W58pEciwgpNc/?ref=app




Morpheus haha so cool! Thanks for posting a challenge :) Makes me happy people participate 📈A Z M Mushfiqur Rahman📈 Oops. theres a bug that duplicates posts (comments and questions), if you click either or, the same comments appear... so if i delete one, would it count as deleting both? Afraid to find out x3 Thanks for catching it!


Livai lol you are welcome haha ^_^


~MrSKY~ Andrew G Thank you for participating! Such nice codes ^_^



why only my code containing JS function and hidden feature (easter egg)??


JFS Animion [AI] because you are creative


20 April? Holidays? 😃 Yay!.. 😁😀 Btw, That was reminds me... 💭 Reminds about my day... 😕 My day off only Left 5 days....... 😲 Whhyyy...... 😢😭


JFS Animion [AI] Very cool! Thanks for participating :)




「HAPPY TO HELP」 Morpheus Lol that was awesome. I never knew about the 404 challenges 😂 Thank you Satania


Here's my try https://code.sololearn.com/Wm7d34j652jw/?ref=app


Sorry, you posted it 2 times, please delete one.