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[Off Topic] Oma is back

After a little storm... Ada has gone, Oma is back from holidays (-:


4/7/2018 7:56:20 AM

Oma Falk

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welcome back Oma Falk, very nice to see you back here 👍😉


nice to meet you Oma :), i has just join to Sololearn a long time


Welcome back😉😉


Welcome back, we missed your vast expertise here! :-) Have a lot of fun at your coming-back-party!


ach Jungs, da muss ich ja fast eine Träne verdrücken (-:


Welcome back !!


Welcome back! !. Enjoys changes. ..《》


Welcome back :-)


welcome back. hope you had a nice holiday. ...


welcome back oma ☺


I want to send greetings to Oma Falk and all other friends in the community


Welcome back Oma Falk .we all eagerly waiting for you codes


SuperOma I cant express my happiness in words about this post. This makes my f*cking weekend to a great one.


Welcome back!!!