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How to make Java less difficult?

i had started learning Java a few weeks ago.but it feels so difficult,i fail to understand the practical uses of the things I learn.i have done my lesson of getters and setter,and now everything is a mix and match in my brain.what should I consider doing now?should I leave Java and start another language?or is there a way I can make Java feel less difficult?plz help I am 12 yrs old only.

4/7/2018 5:22:41 AM

Soham Roy

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I learned java when I was 11. At first, I found it hard. It got a lot more interesting when I started making small applications, primarily games. I started with text based then moved to 2D and 3D. Using programming to make something you like will inspire you to learn more and provide direction


Charan Leo what do you mean by play more???


just move on the path you meet any day you meet with right choice, and get what you want


Also I went through a few different resources before I found one that just clicked in my brain. Some tutorials or YouTube series will work better with your learning style and allow you to comprehend them easier