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F string not work in codeplayground but why?

x=('abc') print(f'my name is {x}') but it give error.but f string present in Python 3.why it execute error.

4/4/2018 4:27:22 AM

Maninder $ingh

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This is introduced in Python 3.6 and codeplayground does use Python 3.5 at the moment. https://code.sololearn.com/c5ip6FphjodA/?ref=app


Andrey Vostokov Almost correct. You need the f before the string. https://cito.github.io/blog/f-strings/


Andrey Vostokov No. Your second example does not work. If you want to insert something into the curly braces, then you have to use the format-keyword.


@Jan Markus, so basically the following two examples are executed identically? sl = 'SoloLearn' print('I love {}!'.format(sl)) & sl = 'SoloLearn' print('I love {sl}!')