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Hey guys i am interesting in a boardgame like monopoly and Ludo and other games like that, any advice on any programming language?

4/3/2018 12:29:15 AM

Data Programmering

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literally nearly any programming language can achieve this. If you know the logic, simulate it. I love C++ so I would recommend that. I bet it will be the same answer (their favorite language) from other people. If you dont like C++, any language with classes/object support. My next recommendation would be Java. Beginner? JavaScript. Those 3 languages also support graphics ;) Just read up on that for the language you want


Great answer from「HAPPY TO HELP」 What platform do you want to run it on? iPhones? Android? Windows Desktop? The answer to those questions might give further clues to the best language (and associated libraries to use). It's important to find a programming language with some great graphics libraries.