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Cyber Security Programs

Which I Use Programs For Cyber Security?

4/1/2018 9:23:06 PM


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L00P3R Sometimes it helps to see where these things started. Using the Javascript x86 emulator here: The MS-DOS 6.22 image has a working DEBUG, memory dump, arbitrary loader, other OS's and their tools (etc).


It depends in which area you want to focus on. For example, programmers and hackers focused on local applications use something called debuggers, which show you lot's of low-level stuff that happens inside the program at runtime. This might help you spotting a bug and being able to fix it. Examples: GDB, Binary ninja, Radare2, IDA. On the other hand, hacker's focused on web stuff, use programs for reading/modifying packet's sent across the network, helping them to find bugs in web applications. There are more areas to focus in, but I guess you've made already an idea. I hope this helped you :)


I am finishing up a Cyber Security Certificate class in college right now. It involves a lot more than a few programs. Serious people in this field learn a dozen or more programs, a handful of programming languages, networking in its entirety, several operating systems and how to configure, maintain and keep updated all of the hardware involved. It's a pretty complex area of study. However, if you are really passionate and want to do it, go for it, it certainly pays well and the job is only getting bigger. :)


There aren't individual programs for cybersecurity. Cybersecurity can include certain programs (e.g. antivirus programs, and other programs), but it's also about education of user behaviour, and networking configuration etc. Also about updating all software to include latest security updates. There's so much to consider. There are also programs to help with Penetration Testing.