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Building concepts

How i build my strong concepts independent from any programming language....!

4/1/2018 8:08:56 PM

Tayyab Mubeen

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Learn about design patterns, object orientation, good programming practises, formal methods.


As with building any skill, practice is probably the most important thing you can do to get the hang of coding and better your understanding of it. What I would suggest doing is finding some challenges, whether in the lessons, Q&A section, or off the internet, and try to solve them in ways that challenge you and make you think. For example, you can try to do a simple task like adding two numbers together, but without using any operators whatsoever. This may help you get a better understanding of how computers compute equations and may even teach you some skills that could be useful in other projects. I would also recommend taking your time throughout the courses as you go along to really get a good understanding of the language that you're learning, and trying to write codes as you go along that include things that you just learned in a certain section. In short, just practice your coding skills in whatever way you find improves your understanding of how to program and always continue to try learning new things. d: