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Laravel framework

Friends can you suggest me some resources ( video, PDF,websites) to study Php laravel framework from scratch. Any help is highly appreciated.

3/31/2018 1:27:35 PM


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I've heard many positive reviews about Laracast, but it's a monthly subscription.

+4 This is free series from laracast Update for laravel 6


Here is a very good course/demonstration on Laravel, explained by Tylor Otwell(33mins)👍: How the PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf himself thinks about Laravel and any PHP framework👍



¤ Official web site ¤ Tutorials


hi buddy, There is a youtube channel, very very useful🙏🙏🙏🙏 just search "devmarketer"


Hey! here is Laravel man...... here is my path I travelled to learn laravel and became expert.... NOTE: NEVER START OR STUDY LARAVEL DOCUMENTATION YOU WILL BE CONFUSED AND HATE IT. PATH: tutiorial: "Learn laravel 5 from scratch." tutorial:"laravel from scratch 2017" 3.then dive into making a to do list. After that it will be your moment to explore the whole bunch of laravel as to every tutorial you like.



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