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JQuery, AngularJS or PHP

Which Server-Side Language should i learn, i have been practicing only with JavaScript but that's a Client-Side Language, i have heard that PHP is a good option for Server-Side Programming, so what do you guys recommend me to learn. Thanks :)

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I would recommend PHP. It is popular, easy to learn, cheap hosting.


For be ready for the futur and I for "money" node.js/express in first. PHP have no futur.


Because now is not futur. PHP has many problems that node.js solves. Node is much more powerful, while not yet as optimized as PHP. In addition, new generations are learning node and prefer it to PHP. Php loses ground each year compared to other technos; in particular node. And then the future is the JAMstack principles, the serverless, the connection of services. PHP is not armed against the evolution of the web. He's holding because he's still very present, but it's not gonna last.


as Igor Makarsky said, PHP is popular. 87% of all website use PHP. you can download PHP for free here: http://www.php.net/download


You can learn node.js : a javascript server side language. One language for both client and server side ! you can download node.js for free here: https://nodejs.org/en/download/


Thank you so much guys! :)


Why does PHP has no future? Like Undead Pirate says, PHP is the most used for web development, so why you said that?


Well, then i will look for some information about Node JS, thanks for answering!