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A funny Java joke:

A funny Java joke: - Please can you help me? I cant open the jar..! - You have to install Java first !

3/30/2018 1:44:57 PM

Juan Pérez Torralbo

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👍 No worries bro! I didn't even take into consideration that you may not have known that expression, so it's equally my fault. As for my Spanish, it's hit and miss. I can write it a lot better than I can speak it, and it's easier to read it than it is to keep up with someone speaking it to me. I took it throughout school and currently taking it on my own time so I can get better at it. I live in the States, but our Hispanic population is only going to get bigger, so I'd like to be able to easily speak with my Hispanic friends. It's the only other language that's truly relevant to me and hopefully at some point in time it'll be one of our official languages in America.


It's bad I know 😂. También estoy seguro de que tú, colega, no tienes nada mejor que hacer hoy, parece que solo estas aqui para cerner no para aportar. Dejanos boquiabiertos con buen código. Al menos yo hago chistes malos en tu lengua y tu?😂


Para ser justos, soy el único que se molestó en leer y responderte. No es necesario ser malo con tu único fan. ¿Fue un mal chiste? Sí. ¿Pero me reí? Sí. :) No soy bueno en español, pero también me tomé un tiempo para aprender tu idioma. Si sigues lo que hago aquí, te darás cuenta de que mi contribución es ayudar a todos a aprender y ayudarte a crear un buen código. Ya lo hago profesionalmente y estoy trabajando ahora. Mi contribución para ti fue reírse de tu broma. ¿Quién más lo hizo?


There isn't any problem Jakob, now I get better that "ba dum tsss", I didnt know that expression. By the way your spanish is ok, unless you took it from Google Translator 😉😉👍🤸


*ba dum tsss*


ok. I am from Spain, our spanish is slightly different from the "spanglish" from Usa and also from the spanish talked in South America. Where do you live in the US?