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A way to remember Booleans

Equal == it is like saying yes yes it does equal Not Equal != imagine this sign "!" as the first part of wrting Not, when you write the letter N you gotta use l first then \ then I so it would be like l\l so if you do it like !\!, it would be easier to remember.

3/30/2018 12:11:59 AM

Medo Hamdani

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Be careful there: == and != aren't booleans. They are relational operators which return booleans. A boolean is a 1 bit datatype, so it can either be 1 (true) or 0 (false).


you speak in riddles


Chris Actually the size of a boolean datatype is at least 1 Byte (8bits) because in this way it can be addressed. Memory is addressable in bytes, not in bits.


Hey Jan, will simplify my riddles next time.


Thank you Chris for the elaboration :)


Oops, seamiki is right! I answered at 2am, sorry for the mistake.


StoneSmasher that's why i wrote "....boolean datatype is AT LEAST 1 Byte...."


seamiki actually a booleans size is 1 byte OR greater, it depends on how it was implemented in the compiler.


I wish there's a simpler way to understand all these you guys are discussing for newbies like me 🤔😟


Ashonsy🇳🇬 what part didn't you get?


think am getting the it now...== means yes yes whiles !\! means No