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there are a couple of questions in html challenge that i dont understand. I would ask you if someone could explain(not only tell me the awnsers) the questions to me. You can find the questions down below, because i can only write 512 characters

3/29/2018 7:21:50 AM


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Hi Roel Question 1 Answer: <a href="mailto:[email protected]" style= "text-decoration :none">Send</a> I think whats confusing you is the in-line CSS syntax, hope this helps with the other questions ;-)


Here's answer 3: <img src="images/dolphin.jpg" alt="a smiling dolphin" height="12px" width="12px" /> src is the path of the file alt stands for alternate (to image) text height and width are obvious, I suppose I don't think that these questions are that hard of a challenge, that is if you take the HTML course properly.


question 2: Fill in the blanks to create a form wich gets user's name and age, restricting the latter to the interval 18 - 35 <form action="index.php" method="post"> Name: <input type="text" name="name"><br> Age: <input type=" " name="age" min=" " max=" "><br> <input type="submit"v alue="submit"> </form>


question 1: Fill in the blanks to create a valid email link, displayed without an underline. <a href=" : [email protected]" = "text-decoration:none"> Send</a>


question 4: Fill in the blanks to animate a rectangle in HTML5. <svg width="1000" height="250"> < width="150" height="50"> < attributeName="x" ="0" to="300" ="3s" fill="freeze" repeatCount="1"/> </rect> </ >


for question 4 its form="0" to="300" dur="3s" </svg> i am also confused with question 2 and 3....i wish someone would provide the answers


question 3: You need to display a square image with its side equal to 12px. If the image is not accessible, dispay the text "a smiling dolphin". The image is in a folder named "images". <img src=" /dolphin.jpg" ="a smiling dolphin" height=" px" ="12px" />


Thank you, I was indeed confused with the inline CSS syntax, but now I understand how it works


can someone give answers Q2 ???


ans-2 <input type="number" name="age" min="18" max="35">


a href="mailto: style=text...............


Thanks everyone, for helping me out back then, I now know the answers and it helped me a lot.