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WordPress developer [OFF-TOPIC]

Is there any Wordpress developer on SoloLearn ? If yes , why don't you share Wordpress tips and tricks here? I'm new on WordPress . I want to discover it . And also I have a problem like below: Where can I find message from someone who send me message on Contact section ? Someone sent me message, but I couldn't find it.

3/25/2018 3:55:07 PM

Sadiqov Lษ™tif

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SL is not tgw right platform for it.


What is Wordpress? I've never heard of this...


Ex-WordPress Dev here. You can easily find WordPress tutorial on YouTube. For problem, I didn't understand it, explain it a bit more with Screenshot. ๐Ÿ‘


@Ekansh If you are Ex WordPress dev , then you know that when we create blog on WordPress , it doesn't create empty page . It creates 2 pages : Home and Contact ... I told my friend to send me message using Contact page of my blog . He sent me a message , but I didn't receive it . I use WordPress app on my smartphone . And maybe I don't know where I can find it .


Oppss... Sorry, I can't help as you're using Premium WordPress not the WordPress CMS... As it's not coding related, please mark your post as off-topic :)


@Sadiqov Is your WordPress website hosted ? If it is, then provide a link to your website.




@sadiqov, please check spam folder. The email will be there if it is not in primary inbox.