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Can Js be used in game developing?

Hi,i'm a javascript developer and i would to make games in javascript. The potencial of this language are very big,so, can i make a game in javascript and then convert this in Android,desktop and IOS app? Maybe this language isn't the better language for game developing,but to me,js can make really good games.What do you think?

3/25/2018 12:11:54 PM

Michele di Biase

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Yes , you can develop games through JavaScript. And for making it into android app you can use this thread post by Krishna Teja Sir. C# with Unity is best for making android games.And JavaScript can also be best for developing games.


Maybe you can find some information here


Js games are surprisingly simple to make given you have an understanding of basic algebra and trigonometric functions. I made one not long ago it was fun.


if you want to develop games for android it's maybe better to learn java and kotlin which is official language for android


Unity Engine support C# and UnityScript as scripting languages. UnityScript is very similar to JavaScript.


Thanks for the answers


yep you can use it with Unity game engine .


As other users said, you can convert your JS to anything else that works on PC, smartphone and tablets, often w/h huge performance limitations but since Javascript is built to run on browsers, i recommend to check this video out from minute 22:58 to 27:05, something great is happening in the JS world and maybe in a few years we will be able to play high quality games enjoying the same experience of console/desktop games... i'm too optimistic though.


Yes, you can develop games in javascript. If you use unity to make a game, it will also be cross-platform and javascript used will be called unityscript which is slightly different from original language.


JavaScript adds interactivity in websites, if interactivity is a huge portion of games, JavaScript can make games.


Yes, there is a game engine called Unity which supports both C# and javascript (unity script) for scripting purposes. Unity is beginner friendly and super fun to start with. With options available to build your game to almost every platform including consoles, phones, VR, AR, ebook readers etc. Get Unity here:


Yes, obviously you can. With HTML, CSS and JS you can make a really beauty game!


well, u can use HTML CSS and JavaScript to make and develop games later u can change. js is the best.


Actually, you can use Electron too. It is an amazing framework that lets you transform your html/css/js into. exe. Try it here: And for the android/iOS apps try:


Yep it can be used in game developing


yes. look at Phazer. It's very cool for make game in multiple devices.


Aftab Shaikh yes you can learn JavaScript for making apps but with Html and Css intermixed with them. But I will recommend Java and Kotlin for developing android apps. Else these links and threads can help you which are provided by honorable Krishna Teja Sir. C# with Unity is best for making android games.And JavaScript can also be best for developing games.


Aftab Shaikh here are some links maybe these can help you.


thank you,useful post


Yes JavaScript can make some interesting games