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Console devices games

Hello everyone I want to know how consoles devices(PS4, XBOX) games were made

3/22/2018 10:26:06 PM


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The same way PC games are made? Just adapted to the console. They make a huge use of game engines.


A lot were made using C++, however, for those of us who work alone, though it is possible with just C++, Unity is a great place to start.


thank you for this informations


@jax yes


@jax yes I did , but I like to use libraries


No problem, if you ever need more help, don’t hesitate to ask.


Hey, I just realized, you seem to be into C++, correct?


Ah, okay. 👌 Btw, Unity is basically the same as Unreal. Good luck, and happy coding!


Okay, so have you ever heard of Unreal game engine?