[OFF TOPIC] RUBY punched HASKELL in the face and made his LISP bleed

SL doesn't cover all programming languages. So do you learn any another besides those represented in this app ? Like Haskell ? Clojure ? Erlang ? Hack ? Lisp ? To name just a few. I'm pullin' out my hair ( a little at least) at the moment by learning assembly. Why ? Just for interest. Want to know how the underlying processes really work and I want to get better at debugging with IDA. So, want are you learning with the spare time left not being on SL ? ;-) And of course, most important, why ?

3/21/2018 4:48:07 PM


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It is normal that Sololearn only has a limited group of languages, the task of organizing content and making it accessible is not easy. In addition to that they must think about the scope that can have the same one (it does not have case to elaborate a course so that nobody sees it). Outside of Sololearn's content I have learned mainly to manage frameworks. And now I consider starting with Dart + Flutter or trying another development perspective first-hand.