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Anyone has solutions English grammar check Php

How to find a given sentence by user if it’s simple,compound or complex .pls anyone tell me solution

3/20/2018 4:08:32 PM

Sharnjit Singh

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Well, to send information from a form to a PHP document, then you would need to add the action attribute with a value of the name of the PHP file. In the PHP, you can access the form by using either the $_POST superglobal array or the $_GET superglobal array, depending on what you set your form to be. From there, you can add the name of the part of the form you want to access in square brackets, and the value will be returned from there. <?php echo $_POST["name"]; ?> I would recommend checking out the Sololearn lesson for it as they explain it much better than I did -


If you're asking about getting user input from someone in PHP, then you cannot do so. PHP is used for gathering information from an HTML document (mostly forms), and has no way of collecting information from only itself.


Yea I mean from form ...