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Python 3.7 beta preview

Just a BTW, you can download and run Python 3.7.0b1, the first of four planned beta release previews, here The new features in Python 3.7 compared to 3.6 are explained here Edit: March 28, 2018 Python 3.6.5 is out For discussion on the previous stable release, see [Edit] Now see

3/18/2018 7:34:54 AM

David Ashton

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The new @dataclass decorator makes instantiating data classes really easier in 3.7! @dataclass class User(): name: str user_id: int just_joined: bool=True ...instead of the common style: class User(): def __init__(self, name, user_id, just_joined=True): = name = user_id self.just_joined = just_joined A summary of the most significant updates:


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Thank you for the information! Can't wait until the full release of 3.7.0.


Never Give up. Doesnt matter how hard times will get, keep on going. I almost stopped python because of really hard math operations at the end, but I kept on going. I basically didn't learn them, I knew i wouldn never need them. I have made big projects, and haven't used those hard math operations in ONE of them. So what I wanted to say is coding is fun. Sorry for making this too long to read hahah. Another tip is dont forget the Indent.


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I Still Miss The @static_method But It's Good To Here About This One Thanks For The Info :)


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For those who are still stuck in the almost-outdated Python 2.7, I'd recommend you to hurry up and make the switch to the new Python 3. I am so excited for the new features!!!


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Python, growing older than me. Congrats to my first programming language.


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it's very easy to understand and code in Python 3.7 console