Is there a way in which solo learn members can get in touch with each other? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Is there a way in which solo learn members can get in touch with each other?

3/16/2018 8:20:01 PM


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You can join the Sololearn FanChat on Discord: Server invite link:


Are there any other sololearn members except me? I have the impression that there is an automatic bot which does repeat common questions in daily intervals: - Which language should I learn after html? - What is the best language? - Which is the best language for hacking? - What is the difference between HTML and C++? - HELP ME? - How can I learn programming? - Which is the easiest language? - Can I apply for a job with the sololearn cwrtificate? - I reached level 2 - What is your favourite language? - Will artificial intelligence replace web developers? - Is it possible? - What language is popular for game development? - How can I create android apps? - is phyton easy langug? - What should I learn? - What is the simplest programming language? - When will Basic/C/Klingon be added? - I am 11. Should I learn programming? - How do I improve my coding skills? - How old are you? - What's the best IDE software


@Sebastian All in due time... ;)


I feel the same. You should suggest a challenge to write a bot that answers all these question immedialy and closes the post.


Jan, it's a combo of: - Noobs don't use search. - Multiple accounts to gain upvotes. - Your bot theory, maybe for upvotes too. Conclusion: PM system to PM offenders and deletion of these threads.