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Robotics In C/C++

Is (C) or its extension (C++) better in a project of programing a small robot that responds to voice commands(Within a defined list of words) or be controlled via a remote controller on a specific frequency?

3/15/2018 11:26:35 AM

Casper N'drih

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Good luck. Sorry for the lack of help I gave...


Still okay.. thanks for the Info mate, i'll try to google that for more.. cheers. 👍🏻


@skead, Hey It's okay, thanks for the quick start you gave by using Arduino..


@Skwead, Well is it posible to directly transfer/push the program after built through the USB terminal into the board?


I don't realy know... but I'm preety sure you'll need a compiler from C++ to Arduino. But I know that there is a support for Arduino in C#


I'd advise you to use Arduino to make it...