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Submit form on PlayGround

Hi to all, how are you? I'm trying to make a html submit form, but every redirect to PlayGround code editor. I try: <form ... action=""> <form ... action="?"> <form>

3/12/2018 7:08:44 PM

Gabriel Lourenco

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Hi @Gabriel, are you asking about how to use PHP in Code Playground for processing form data? well if that's the question, I'm afraid I have to say it's not possible, Code Playground doesn't support processing submitted form data. You will be better off to install and use PHP packages on your own computer/Laptop so you can practice more conveniently without any limitations my friend. Hth, cmiiw


you may use a php server on your Android device check out ksweb on playstore


You're welcome @Gabriel, me too wish it could work that way, but for now all I could just do in Code Playground is to simulate submitted data by manually assigning values into $_POST just to check whether code works as expected with sample values passed into it. Wish you a great one too my friend : )


Thanks @Ipang, I supposed that, but I would want make my code work here. Have a geat week.


Thanks Athsam muhammad!