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Codeplayground won't work

An error occurred...try again... connection problem... my internet connection is stable... do you have that problem with playground?

3/11/2018 1:33:02 PM


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I was also getting the same problem today while seeing codes of others. That's the most sticky problem of SL. I just want to $("SoloLearn").removeattr(problem of code playground); Just a single line Jquery. 😢😢😢


Right 😂😂😂


I encounter this problem too


Problem solved. It works now.


Same here. Today I got to coding for the first time on SoloLearn and I got no output on my codes. Bad luck I guess. I eventually thought that the codes were incorrect, being long and complex codes. Then I tried some short, simple ones. Same thing. Then I ran some other folks codes and encountered the same problem. Hope it gets fixed soon. Other than this, SoloLearn rocks!


Aaaand now it doesn't.


Code playground isn't working