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Compilation error

why this code made a compilation error

3/8/2018 10:47:45 PM


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You miss a comma in the 2D array "grid". Look:


sometimes connection gets lost , might thatswhy error occured //working for me , 5000


Usually compiler write to us which kind of error we have ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


As they said, it works fine. However, I've noticed lately when using the Code Playground that I get that error once in awhile even though there is no actual error. I believe it's something taking place on the server end when it's compiling and that's just the output you're getting fed back. That may also be why it doesn't feed you back any information on the compile error. Just my guess on it.


Works well for me! (Output is 5000)


output 5000 working


It is working without any error!

+2 what about this. is it here some error in the code?


It is working well for me