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Multidimensional Arrays

How do multidimensional arrays function? I can imagine 1D,2D and 3D arrays,but how would you imagine a 10D array?

3/8/2018 4:09:29 PM

Dino Coralic

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I like imagining with spreadsheets. A single program gives 3 dimensions via 2 on a sheet and multiple tabs of those sheets. From there, the 4th is multiple programs. The fifth is a local network of computers. The rest would be bigger networks built on the smaller. Most people that have problems with it can't get pass 4 or 5. This image has helped them do so. Personally, I've never coded more than 5 and I can't even envision a problem that would need it.


10D array is array of 9D arrays [mine definition😅] //just like 2d array is array of 1d arrays //hope U are able to understand now


The same way... An array inside an array inside another array... 100x times °_° array[][][][][][][]…… plzno = new array[][][][][][]……;