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also having priblems with loops...I got the answer right but going back I have no know how I got to the answer. any suggestions

3/8/2018 7:37:04 AM

Adelina T.

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If possible, please provide a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable code @ Code Playground so we can help you to take a look on the code. 😉


No youre not dumb! Everyone learns differently and if youre passionate about it, you shouldnt bring yourself down. If people never asked questions, even super super simple questions, we wouldnt be as advanced as we are now! Youre welcome! Also looking up many different tutorials online rather than just one helps a lot. When I dont understand, I look somewhere else and put the pieces together ;) Always happy to help!


and yes practice practice practice! changing some numbers around also helps to see whats going on


I'm still learning so I hate to go past that part...kind of like losing in algebra..I want to know how I got to the answer


for i in range(1, 9): #Do stuff here so the range will be 1 to 9 (9 being exclusive) and the i is set equal to whatever number we are on in the range. When the #Do stuff here is done, it goes to the next number while loop does code while a condition is met, or True so i= 0 while i < 5: i = i + 1 This will run 5 times because i=0, i < 5 true, i++ now i = 1 is i < 5 when i = 1? yes do the code again and so on Once i = 5, is i < 5, no so skip


maybe I'm just dumb because I have to have that explained different to get it. you are so fast and I admire that. I guess I have to have it broken down even smaller..I will study what you wrote nevertheless. thank you laymen terms plz anyone.. I see the answer I might learn not in the same way. once I get it I GET it. thank you for your super answer


What are the 2 dots before n after the $a