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On the way to EPIC BADGE ... Seems impossible! Any tips??

I'm currently on 20+ streak. If I get a DRAW, I lose my WIN streak?

7th Mar 2018, 2:10 PM
King Emma 👑
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11 Answers
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one tip, don't count your wins i think its very hard work, good luck on your way 👍😉
7th Mar 2018, 2:29 PM
tooselfish - avatar
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challenge only level 2 players //sometimes level1 also makes 5 unexpectedly
7th Mar 2018, 3:30 PM
Gaurav Agrawal
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Epic is 😓😓 hard
8th Mar 2018, 1:38 PM
Muhd Khairul Amirin
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#1:turn off your challenge weapon so nobody can challenge you,a level2 player might be a level 16 in disguise #2:go for epic in programming languages,its quite impossible in html,easiest language to fo this is java and JavaScript #3: challenge lvl5 and below
7th Mar 2018, 4:52 PM
᠌᠌Brains[Abidemi] - avatar
7th Mar 2018, 3:23 PM
Akash Pal
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Half way there but every time I get close, I end up drawing against a low level
8th Mar 2018, 1:00 PM
Memphis Reigns
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Correct, draws end the streak. I have also been trying for the epic badge but gave up. Good luck
7th Mar 2018, 2:26 PM
Memphis Reigns
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Unfortunately, yes. Edit: I'm a veteran in failing to get epic badge. I will say, just forget about it. Rather, create codes and focus on code master, code ninja, senior developer.
7th Mar 2018, 2:27 PM
DAB - avatar
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You also need a lot of luck. I was able to do it in just 5 tries in HTML. I even challenged level 5-7 users. Just got lucky. I once had a 3-2 win.
8th Mar 2018, 1:26 AM
Jonathan Pizarra (JS Challenger)
Jonathan Pizarra (JS Challenger) - avatar
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Lucky you!!! Sadly I just drew with a Level 3!! Back to the drawing board for me then 😭😭😭
8th Mar 2018, 7:07 AM
King Emma 👑
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8th Mar 2018, 2:22 PM
Михаил Булахов
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