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Should/does SoloLearn have guidelines or rules for moderators?

I noticed SoloLearn have put a lot of effort into moderator bling recently, with three moderation tiers, all with their own custom icons. I would be interested to know what powers these confer and how they are regulated. I have had no issues with mods here myself, but I did just see someone who is fairly well known in the community complaining they had a comment deleted with no rationale given, so I wondered what is in place at the moment.

3/4/2018 5:23:06 PM

Peter David Carter

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@Peter we do not ban users for asking basic questions, especially ones that do not contradict the Content Creation Guidelines. Pls check the comment section of this code for an explanation to your earlier question


@Peter David Carter I am the one responsible for removing the thread in question, the one which you pointed out. It was a guide to "become moderator" on SoloLearn, and I was sure that the original post contained misleading and false information coming from unverified sources which may bring harm to the community, should any user resorted to follow the "guide". I hope this answers your question. It seems that the other queries have been thoroughly answered, but I'd like to assure you once again that the moderator team itself is moderated by SL. If you suspect that moderators may be abusing their tools, you may contact SL via their support email. [email protected]


StackOverflow's moderation is ... a dictatorship. I believe SoloLearn's mod-system to be a lot more forgiving and enjoyable.


SoloLearn oversees all moderators. Not only have there been guidelines established, but they've been buffed time and time again. We are in DIRECT contact with SL ... and not limited to something as simple as email. We have it under control. We appreciate the concern. Sololearn would not hand out mod-abilities to random people, I can assure you. In fact, only a fraction of the mods have the abilities that were mentioned. If something is removed, it's always investigated on the inside to make sure that the guidelines are being followed. If you have any further questions, please email [email protected] Thanks.


Greetings Peter, yes Moderators do have guidelines and I can assure you that we do not delete content without good reason


Amongst the mods, there are no blockades within our transparency. We are 100% forward with one another during difficult situations and decisions. That is where trust is established. I'm not sure what you mean by "resolvable". We try not to discuss any issues with the public regarding specific users. Doing so could trigger additional issues, via biased/influenced views of bystanders, etc. We'd prefer SL to remain drama-free and enjoyable to as many users as possible. If you have any further questions, please email [email protected], rather than prompting the mods, themselves, for more information. Please respect my request. Have a good day.


@Peter David Carter Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the original post, but SL may have one. Again, if you wish to view it, please contact the administrators.


Can anyone confirm if/why this user's post was deleted?


@CipherFox what are the barriers to transparency of decision at present, if that's what we are talking about? Are they resolvable?


@Peter you may email Sololearn if you have more questions


@CipherFox I agree. I guess as 1984 said, the price of awesome coding sites is eternal vigilance.


@Hatsy Rei Ok, will do.


@CipherFox Do you think Stackoverflow's moderation model is a good one and do you personally think SoloLearn's better? I prefer SoloLearn's so far, but I have personal reasons as well as philosophical ones to believe this. Would you find it offensive to ask for your opinion on this?


@Yerucham I am risking being banned for saying this, but I prefer public transparency.


@HatsyRei this makes me much more interested in the original post. Would you be able to post it, even privately, and show why you feel it inaccurate?