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Final discussion 🔚🚮

Hello. how are you? I want to tell everyone who helped me, thank you! I leave this forum and coding😢. I felt that it was not mine. I wanted something interesting. I found ,it's logo design! I feel that this is mine! I'm very sorry, I'm used to this forum 😭:( You really helped me! I appreciate it! Thank you all! Sololearn gave me the foundation, thank you! This is my final letter to everyone who is here! Thanks again, Good luck to everyone! ;) 😅

3/2/2018 5:01:42 PM

Arti Zechetto

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Don't feel bad, buddy! Part of life is sticking your hands into things and seeing what feels best for your life story. I've dabbled in all kinds of things and I have no regrets at all because something was learned from all of them, even if what I learned was that I hated it. lol Trust me, nothing worse than living your life outside of your passion. It's a really miserable place to exist. However, if you engage into what you're passionate about ruthlessly, as they say, "you'll never work a day in your life." When you're doing what you love, you love what you're doing.


good luck,may coding be with you


Good bye, create your own Sololearn.


Glad you finally found your true passion, of course nobody should feel obliged to learn one that isn't their interest, good luck and see you later, somewhere, some time, who knows : )


Good Luck and Thank you -1 coder


Thanks all! very nice words! I'm impressed! I would like to single out 2 users: Jakob Marley and Ipang, thank you very much for your support! Good Luck To Everyone!


long topic