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Who are moderators in Solo learn ?

What all those peaople having special tag with them of mod, some silver and some golden, are? Have they created the app or are they taking care of the application ? As this doesn't have any ads to make money, people volunteering to take its care and gettting special badges.

3/1/2018 8:09:05 PM

Kiran Singh

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who deals with removing non-suitable contents , controlling spams etc


moderators are those who take the responsibility of this sololearn community, where they moderate the contents .Thy filters posts, comments ,they rate quizzes , They answer in Q&A etc, In simple they are protector of Sololearn


Moderators are those who moderate community creations, anyone from us can become moderator, if you actively help or guide other Sololearners through replying their posts and reporting inappropriate posts as well. Moderators are very active on Sololearn. Their app is same as ours but they have unlocked the moderator badge which gives them right to edit community posts.


because they are moderators and that's their work not like forced but by contributor hearts


this means definetly there application is different from us !


Why are they doing so?


Be Active Be Responsible Be Helpful Be Kind Be Respectful, Also Answer Questions, After You Are Known For That Try To Get A Higher Rank Mod To Notice You, DO NOT BEG TO BE MOD. That is how to be a mod if you wanted to know.