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Tagging your own threads

Greetings community, I thought I would take time to differentiate between what's off-topic and what isn't, as there have been a number of people mistakingly using the tags we moderators use. [OFF-TOPIC] means the item isn't related to programming. The Q/A is really supposed to be a programming Q/A but we allow non-programming topics to coexist as long as there's no violation of the content creation guidelines/terms of use. So if it's a programming question, or related to programming, no tag is necessary.

2/28/2018 5:56:35 PM


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Aw, you beat me to making this, lol. To add, please make sure the formatting is also correct. At least one space after the closing bracket is needed. Make sure it's in all caps. If it's a two-worded header, like off-topic, make sure there is a hyphen connecting the two words, instead of using a space or listing it as one word. [BUG] - Email [email protected] [DUPLICATE] - Please avoid these. [FEEDBACK] - Please use feedback option. [OFF-TOPIC] - Seen as "misc." on the Q&A. [SUGGESTION] - To share an update idea. [SPAM] - Just don't. [ASSIGNMENT] - For code-assignments. ><---------------------->< <[ ! ]> Regarding the [ASSIGNMENT] header & assignments on the Q&A, the moderators kindly ask that you also include "assignment" within the tags. Also, please submit your challenges to the lesson-factory before posting them to the Q&A. It would be appreciated if users were patient with the lesson-factory's approval-times and waited rather than posting the assignment to the forum, but not everyone is that patient and iOS apparently doesn't have access to the lesson-factory. Nevertheless, thanks for your understanding and time reading this request!


So... would it be appropriate to tag this post as [OFF-TOPIC]? πŸ˜‚


As a note, we'll be removing improperly used tags and continuing to label off-topic threads as necessary.


@David: Technically speaking, it's should be; realistically speaking, it's providing necessary information for the community. So are you a technician or a realist? 😏


Good info, thanks @Ace πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘and I wouldn't say this is an off-topic thread, but hmm, there could be a [SOLOLEARN] tag :) we could use it for announcing community stuff like this or new app updates :)


Actually this post is on topic because it's purpose is to improve SoloLearn and, as long as it isn't a duplicate, that is valid a reason to post in Q&A.


@David yes I could tell you were kidding, it made me laugh πŸ˜„ @Ace great :) I think SoloLearn with the help of mods, can build pillars of content being posted in the Q&A, based on their experience and monitoring, they can tell what kind of questions are the most popular and create tags for each. The current form for posting questions includes Question, Description and Relevant Tags, so they could add a "Type of Question" required* field and offer the options mentioned by @CipherFox, like: OFF-TOPIC, SUGGESTION, BUG, etc, and others I can think of like PROGRAMMING, SOLOLEARN, etc. to make users label them from the start and help mods focus on duplicates to better and faster organize the content 😊


Some are SPAM for me. Since they only have the word Hacker somewhere and no other description. And there are also those who ask for help on how to steal a Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp / whatever account (should these types of threads be notified to mods? I mean, those who talk about stealing an account)


@Full Gamer: I think you meant the tags moderators add. Those shouldn't be edited. The penalty for removing gold or platnium moderator edits is removal of the thread.


Technically speaking, the hacker related questions would be [DUPLICATE] because it is related to programming and there are so many people asking about it in the same general way: "How can I learn to be an ethical hacker?" ... or some variation of this question.


This is a gentle warning to the ones who have been spamming this thread. Most of the spam has been removed. Please avoid posting any more. Let it be on record that this warning has been placed. Remain on-topic if you plan on posting any more answers. Thanks.


I was actually kidding about this being tagged as [OFF-TOPIC] because it didn't fit the definition of being about programming. Essentially, these tags would not apply to informational messages about the community posted by official moderators or SoloLearn.


@Paola: Interesting idea. We'll take it under advisement.


can there be a tag -> [CELEBRATION] πŸ˜…


[ ! ] ATTENTION EVERYONE [ ! ] A new header has been introduced. Rather than regarding user-created challenge/assignment threads as off-topic, we're instead implementing the new [ASSIGNMENT] header in its place. Please review the edited answer (marked as best) for specific details. Thanks!


Suggestions should be sent to Sololearn directly via the feedback tool in the app or email at [email protected] Moderators β‰  developers


Where is the [H4CK3R] tag? 😏 (really, yesterday I saw at least 6 post that deserved it lol)


I know, I was just kidding. Normally that type of post does not have much use. And they are duplicates or spam. The definition of OFF-TOPIC is one of the most complicated things here. I remember misusing the label at least once, until @Ace informed me of it.


@Aamir Malik @Aishwaryaravi Aishwaryarwvi @yashwanth Manoj @Ritul Raut This post was meant clear the community's doubt about which questions were and would be marked [OFF-TOPIC] by the mod team. Please delete your answers as they are not relevant to the main topic. @Anthony Kgomongoe I think you confused mods with devs. Mods aren't devs. You can send your idea as a suggestion on [email protected]


We started tagging questions to help address all the duplicate and off-topic threads that have continuously plagued the Q&A. We have the mindset that this helps people know what kind of information is already available before posting new answers and will help restructure the Q/A in the long run. Basically, it was something the gold moderators felt was necessary.