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PHP. The end of an era?

With the explosion of JavaScript, the arrival of nodes.js and its frameworks giving a slap (to PHP) performance level and possibility what is left to PHP? How much longer is he gonna last? JavaScript is a single language for everything. (Web, server, desktops, mobile...) Does the future belong to JavaScript?

2/27/2018 10:50:53 PM


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I work on 3 projects now. All of them use PHP 7.1. I also get approximately one PHP job offer per week. So, I don't see "the end of PHP era".


Let us look at the practice. Beginner before: Make a dynamic site quickly: Learn htlm/CSS. Learn JavaScript+framework. Learn PHP+framework. Learn MYSQL. Find a cheap hosting provider. It's hard to make this work. Site heavy, slow, security problem. Starting today: Learn HTML/CSS. Learn JavaScript+react (or anguarJS). Use firebase for databases and manage identification. Watch Jamstack solutions (Hugo) and use a service like netlify. Quick and simple solution. Lightweight, very fast site with real-time updates. Few security issues. The future is not us old people but the young. And the young desert PhP... So, PHP live this last years.


Yes. But wordpress lost years after years users. And, WordPress is horrible, code with feet, dangerous...ect... so, killing WordPress, it's save the World...internet.


They just released a stable version 27 days ago PHP


Something I do keep my attention on is Web Assembly, it offers many possibilities and there are already tools that begin to use that technology. That's why in the world of developers there is never certainty, always some technology can have a boom thanks to a framework or a new version that can attract developers. In the current scenario JS has a lot of prominence, but that can change a lot in a couple of years. And although the truth is that the market that covers PHP is too broad, from web applications to the construction of modules and themes for several CMS


I never rely on the licensing of platforms such as Facebook as a reference. Most of these platforms end up with their own solutions (and this is normal and natural) because most of the available tools do not adapt to them. The number of users is too large and is something that many sites do not experience. And the last time I knew anything about Facebook was not about Node.js, it was precisely with a modified version of PHP (Hack) and HipHop. Migrating the code base and infrastructure from one platform to another is very progressive, and in the last news seemed that it was more feasible to adapt the tools that they possessed to them. And as I mentioned, Node.js is having a good time in the current scenario, but that may change. Even within the community of followers of Node.js there are people who are not satisfied with some aspects of development. There are also emerging technologies that can consolidate and change the trend. I remember reading a similar statement with Rust and Ruby a while ago, and currently the market has less demand. PS: Coffeescript and Typescript are still valid. It is said that some elements have been taken and added to JS, but the difference is still remarkable. Typescript 2 is adding several interesting elements and is highly used in several Frameworks. But they have never been merged with the base of JS, otherwise we would have types in JS or a syntax close to what is Ruby.


I do not think that PHP disappears, there are too many websites that use that technology, and that does not include CMS. Migrating many of those tools / applications / webs is simply unfeasible. On the other hand, that is the current scenario, but the truth is that it can change very easily. I give example to Java, a language that within the web development had a boom again thanks to Spring (and now in my city there are several vacancies for programmers who can handle the framework, and are well paid compared to others I've seen)


@Jacob Pembleton It's JavaScript for web. And php. Not all programing language. And, with Phazer for exemple, make game with JS is very good ans have good perf. Server side tests demonstate that node.js IS more powerfull than PHP and other techno. So, for web, i think is the end of PHP. Just old site will continue use PHP.


Doesn't WordPress run on php? and isnt WordPress still the #1 cms by far?


No, and it never will. While JavaScript is getting bigger, there are a few key problems in it that just make it not capable of completely dominating the programming world. • It is slow. JavaScript will not take over performance-critical areas like games because it is simply too slow to do so. • It is obnoxious. JavaScript is a very poorly designed language that was built on top of an already broken markup language, HTML, and an extension of it that made it harder instead of easier, CSS. What is more likely to happen is for a lot of new languages to appear and fix these problems. There could be ones that are compiled into JavaScript to make it decent, so JavaScript acts similar to Assembly. There could also be ones that add more features to JavaScript, such as WASM, which is a new language that means Web Assembly. It is a more powerful, better JavaScript that already shows how JavaScript will end.


@Igor have you looked at the recent release It actually may be way better than v7.1.4

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@c. mechain I don’t mean languages like C or Go, I mean new ones that are being made specifically to fix what is wrong with JavaScript, like Typescript, ES6 and WASM.


@jacob Es6 is not a new language. Es6 stands for JavaScript version. Es means ecmascript. The latest version is Es7. Before JavaScript, indeed, we created forks (coffeescript, typescript) to correct JavaScript. But these forks are JavaScript and no longer exist since the main branch has to evolve in the right direction. JavaScript is now mature. @mickel I don't talk in two days. But 2/3 years to come. On the classification level, PHP collapses and JavaScript is now the most used language in the world. The remuneration of a fullstack JavaScript developer explodes. Jamstack's solutions are growing and integrating JavaScript. Everywhere node.js takes the place of PHP. Big sites, like Facebook, abandon it. Personally, I no longer use it because it is horrible and too slow.


Nah. PHP is terrible, but it was easy to use when it came out so everybody learned it. It has reached a critical mass now and will never go away because PHP programmers are plentiful and easy to get hold of. The average programmer doesn't really care that much about language design and especially neither does the average employer, otherwise we would all write Coq or Haskell and not PHP or Python or Javascript.


to answer @Lisa F. yes and yes and there are hundreds of thousands new websites being produced on wordpress base. Many of the new ecom sites are being built using PHP.