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Is it easy to be a software engineer? I am in tension.

2/27/2018 3:28:56 PM


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Why are you in tension? It's as easy as anything else I imagine. Just like most things, it requires you to learn, study, and practice it extensively in order to become good at it. The time that something takes and its difficulty is two different things though. Personally, I think that it's easy, but I've also invested many years into the field. Most things simply appear difficult in the beginning because it's new information and something you're not well practiced upon. Think of it like a musical instrument. At first you can't read/write the notes, it sounds sloppy, and you can't place your fingers correctly. However, each day you learn more about it, you practice it further, and you continue to hone your skills. Eventually you find yourself able to read/write the notes and you begin to play it effortlessly, creating beautiful music for all to hear. Programming works in the same way and the more effort/practice you place into it, the better you'll become at it which correlates to its current difficulty for you. For most things in life that are worth while, it'll require you to do all of the necessary things in order to achieve and obtain it. Don't base what you do in life upon if it's easy or hard. The easy path isn't always the correct path or best path, but if you're always focused on finding the easy path, you'll go out of your way to evade the hard path while seeking it out. Best of luck to ya! Stay persistent and patient; you'll do just fine.


I would say yes and no both. It depends on your career goals and how you learn. Learning by yourself is hard and learning with a teacher and friends is easy. There is someone to guide you when you learn this way but learning yourself you have to understand every word of code yourself. That's the reason we are here to help you as a community in any way possible to make the learning easy.


yes just be up to the level


Doing e-learning can be a lot useful