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Telegram Bot for share market

For last 8 Years I have been trading in Indian Equity Market. I really need a Telegram Bot for Share Trading due to my age and lack of concentrations. Being a zero knowledge in programming language I request you to please make a Telegram bot alert system on my behalf.

2/27/2018 11:52:34 AM

Rakesh Singha

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Wow spcan. So rude to not develop an application for free... Shame on you!


If you want an app done for you you should be ready to pay for it


how to contact you for example?


You want someone to build a bot without payment? That's rude, It will take alot of time to make a bot.


I did not ask for a fee for me. I just indicated that in general, asking for a free and finished product is quite unreasonable. Unless its an open source bot you want to use, most prebuilt bots are lent with a fee. If you want someone to develop an entire bot for you, it is not unreasonable to ask for a price as they are giving you their time. Also you have to take into account if the bot has to be hosted somewhere. It was just a warning/friendly advise sorry if it came out rude or aggresive


Mr. Abdur send you msg in your telegram.


Mr. spcan I have totally zero knowledge about the hosting and other technical details. My point is, I am earning with some strategic decisions and formula and going to disclose to someone for building a bot. Can You help me for that?


Abdur give me your contact number or telegram ID.


Mr. Spcan, why fees. I am believing you and going to disclose my trading technique. In return I should ask for. But why the fees have been asked.