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Site Review

Please checkout the below link : Kindly review it! Its my personal blog!

2/27/2018 6:04:34 AM

Krishnatheja Vanka

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cool 🙂👍


Hey great job and it looks like you are doing well as an intern @ TopRanker. You are really putting your degree to good use.


Yup you are a 3rd level connection on Linkedin so I just looked at your profile. Hope to run into you soon.


Well done, bro!


wow it's a cool blog that responsive :)


fine mobile responsiveness ++ just project descrip


These days we have personal feed posts for these ads.


cool stuff! My favorite colors too haha


Thank you so much guys !! I am going to work on making it better !! Probably a revamp !! @brofarops Thank you !! Hope to see you soon too. I am a developer intern @TopRankers.