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Programming language that requires less team.

I am interested in C# & Python and find both langs basics very easy and understandable. but a bit confused that I think in C# game development requires a 7,8 people or 100 people team depending on game type. On the other side from Python I like AI, ML type stuff to I always dream what it be like to work on AI projects DOES Python projects requires less team like working on AI or ML and doing new things? I know i can learn both after learning one but main thing is I dont want to make a languages list I Knew

2/23/2018 1:16:41 PM


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A programming language don't require a team. There are languages who are better for teamwork than others (in general oop supportive ones with good build tools etc). However if you want to make big projects or work in a company, teamwork is inevitable for every language.


Can I make AI mobile softwares or AI computer softwares from Python? I am not behaving to becom over but I really believe I have alot of creativity. Which language is good to specialize first Python or C#?


If you want to stay platform independent which is a desire specially for internet / server applications and also due the huge amount of AI models and tutorials I would say python is your way to go